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Pokemon moves, literally (Video)
Pokemon Squishmallows 😫
Pokemon TCG Online is being replaced by TCG Live
official pokemon tiktok with swears in it 😳
[A.I. ART ]


The pain will only make him stronger

252 defense ev pikachu

Maybe a genetically-deformed Lugia?

kyogia or lugiogre?

Gathering dex entries were this hard

being able to see through walls to hunt prey is impressive compared to a normal lion. its not gonna do very much in pokemon standards


relatable energy

That specific route this fella was blocking

its your fault for carrying around the best held item in the game

Sleepy night

ay this reminds me of that one special where pikachu and his buddies goes on vacation and they almost freakin die

Paradox pokemon indeed are scary tbh

slither wing is cute even in his actual paradox form


bro got the the god oh my god he got the the 😭


nooooooo pikachu D:

[A.I. ART ]
[Sprout Dono]

thats a lotta damage

A house haunted by ghost-types

why is there a fish tho

Mewtwo enjoying his pizza

bruh i commented on this but it logged me out commenting bc i want my points 💀

[Everything ]
Someone's doing their job carelessly

i would have just walked out 😭


tandemaus after encountering an annihilape


imagine having a picnic and then seeing someones ceruledge running around like naruto killing everything in its sight