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masculine shopping
Make a shield with British coins!
3D subway map
New Warframe, Stianax!
dad and children
pizza gengar
Anyone like the Reggie series?
A really coveted phantom statue
dead character
when playing games at home
Papa John's Ads LolLolhaha
someone's computer settings
Fighting game ads
pay off debt
Washing $200 worth of food on a regular basis in 2022


spectral hypothesis

Koraidon, it's Miraidon!
It is said to be a legendary Pokémon of the 9th generation.

A Hedgehog' Cute Smile is Everything!

Hedgehogs are cute too

Misato Katsuragi Cosplay


Respect +100
Cyno Splash Art from Genshin Impact

new character? cool?

Behold! The Jouch!

What is this, it's weird lol lol

Picking the tiles to use in the patio


he also looks delicious 😋😋

Familiar face..Lol

Hitting the ball by going inside the pocket

how's that??? Miraculous

[Ask anything]
What are your most neglected things to buy?

I have a toothbrush...

[Food & Cooking]
Homemade pizza in a Ooni oven

looks pretty good?

Indie-games are better than almost all AAA games. Change my mind

best indie game

Anime to Watch on Netflix: Den-Noh Coil

Is this your first time seeing this? fun??

Anime to Watch on Netflix: Neon Genesis Evangelion

Evangelion is still famous

Powerful Character in Naruto Ending Series: Hashirama Senju

I don't know that character!