Daily Chirashi (TJ Media, KT Submarine, UB Care)

TJ Media

After a big rise, the price is maintained, and today, it is also showing its will to rise.

It is a karaoke sound source related owner.

There seems to be no major issues, but the accumulation of power is noticeable.

700 billion in market cap

Its earnings also turned around this year, so it is a stock that goes into anticipation of a recovery from the corona virus.

Also, on 10/1, a plan to improve the distance will be announced.

I hear a story that it will gradually progress with With Corona.

For this reason, the continuous collection from June is notable.

KT Submarine

I got the laser beam today and it fell out right away,

It looks like a shed, not a washing machine.

It is currently being billed at its lowest point.

KT Submarine is a company related to undersea tunnels and cables

It is a submarine that rose due to an issue with the Yeosu Namhae submarine tunnel project.

I think the confirmation will show a little more upward momentum.

Although it was pre-reflected, the rebound is somewhat positive as it has received a lot of adjustments.

UB Care

It is a telemedicine company.

I'm currently crawling with adjustments.

However, it is difficult to see a break and further decline here, so it is confirmed as a buy signal to some extent.

From large corporations to the government, they are constantly tinkering with the telemedicine bill, and it is said that the story has come to an end.

Foreign brokers are also following along.

Other news

Korea package ; Acquired Wonchang Packaging Industry, a corrugated cardboard manufacturer

BDI: Submarine cable supply contract 23 billion won

Daesung Industrial: Natural gas price soars

Data solution: Data 3 Act passed by the National Assembly. Growing demand for private data use