The promising future of Kakao Klaytn

The remittance function of KakaoTalk, which we use very conveniently.

In the future, it is expected that this function will have a virtual asset remittance function.

You can freely send Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. wrapped on the Klaytn base to your friends, and as a result, you will be able to pay through this.

Because it is Klaytn wrapping, Kakao will pay the clay fee at the beginning, and then it will be possible to send bitcoins for free.

This is not the end.

Various NFT assets uploaded on the Klaytn Chain can also be sent to friends.

It seems that various assets such as Solana's Aurora, which are hot these days, and Banksy's NFTized works, will be available with a few clicks of KakaoTalk.

Kakao will be watching now.

Until various laws, including the Special Act, are stabilized.

So, it is a business that can be started as soon as the law is stabilized to a certain extent and they can do business within the law.

However, the variable is whether the government will stand still.

If this is possible, it will be a funeral for existing fiat currencies.