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Daily Chirash (Hyundai Corporation Holdings, Kumho Electric, FR Tech)[0]

Hyundai Corporation Holdings

The price is forming above the moving average.

Keeping it like this, it seems that it will show an upward trend once more while riding the line.

Showing support from the above price, including all foreign institutions

The performance is also flat, so it doesn't look like it will easily fall below the moving average.

Kumho Electric

It is currently at the bottom of three or four years, and the trading volume exploded as it moved sideways from the 2,500 won level for one year, and there is a trend of buying and selling.

It looks like an operative, and the force has come in this time.

In this third wave, we are looking at 3600~3900 won.

And after the decline has been heard, we expect to see a big rise again in the second half of this year.

FR Tech

It's been showing a steady decline, and I'll probably wash the dishes

It is a short tie for washing dishes

It seems that the forces will also be wiped out with the dishes

The transition to an uptrend is probably not easy.

As it is a 5G-related stock, it can be dehydrated once.

It was the timing when 5G showed an upward trend.

Other news

CPI rose to around 5.0%

It is interpreted that inflation is intensifying, so it may be a bit of a bad news for the stock price.

Digital Chosun, Dongyang: A note related to Seok-Yeol Yoon. Achieved all-time support

T-PLEX: US-China trade conflict issues

Kwangmyeong Electric, Iljin Electric: Continue the flow of nuclear power plants