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Bitcoin falls by 7% again[1]

Once again, bitcoin's price fell by 7% last Tuesday and fell down below $32,000. US officials stated that they seized around $2.4Million (bitcoin) paid to a hacker group (DarkSide) and that the FBI was able to access a private key and password of one of the hackers.

DarkSide is a cybercriminal gang behind a crippling cyberattack on Colonial Pipeline. Bitcoin is often the choice for hackers demanding ransom payments to decrypt data locked by malware known as “ransomware.” 

Read the full article here: Bitcoin (BTC) News

As I mentioned before, this is one of the main concern in cryptocurrency (since crypto trading can be done anonymously, thus using it for illegal transactions is highly possible and will be hard for the authorities to trace)

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2021-06-09 11:26:36