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Daily Chirashi (Sangji Kylom, HLB Power, CIS)[0]

Sangji Kyle Room

After showing an uptrend once, it is going sideways.

The stock price, which reached nearly 20,000 won 10 years ago, continued to fall, and was flat for a long time in the 1300 range.

Show me how to shoot

It can be seen that this time there has been a slight change in the upward trend.

It seems to show a steady upward trend for the time being as the supply and demand of foreigners is neatly entered.

If it is a risk, the performance is too shattered, so there is a possibility of delisting.

However, since the current price is very low, even if it goes to the lowest point, it is around 1,000 won.

The risk of a share price decline is small, except for trade-offs.

HLB Power

It is showing the 3rd wave of rising. This rise will be the last wave of the wave, and after showing a decline again, it is likely to show another wave of 5

There is an issue in which the largest shareholder sold the stock

The stock was sold at about 3,000 won, which is significantly higher than the current price of 2,000 won.

It seems that the price was raised to a certain extent because it was a block deal, but after the block deal, it usually shows an increase of up to 60% of the transaction price.


It's pretty downward sloping, and it hasn't looked good for the past 3 months.

Not sure if this will turn into an uptrend this time around.

The issue that China's CATL and Apple Car are negotiating

It is known that CIS supplies CATL.

Other news

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