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Daily Chirash (Gwangmyeong Electric, Deoksin Housing, YW)[0]

Kwangmyeong Electric

It gives off a clean right-hand side.

As of today, it shows an uptrend, so it looks like the closing price will be adjusted a little tomorrow

Market cap is 140 billion won

nuclear power plant.

Currently, Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction is on the rise due to expectations for the normalization of the Korean nuclear industry after the Korea-US summit.

It rose about 130% in two weeks.

Gwangmyeong Electric shows the rising as a circulation medium.

in addition to

These issues popped up. Kwangmyeong Electric is known as a subcontractor of KOMIPO.

Deoksin Housing

Overall, today was a good day, but it was a bit sloppy. In this case, when the market falls a little, it shows an upward trend.

A clean right-hand side is a bonus.

The market cap is about 800 billion won.

Foreign supply and demand follow.

The trend these days is that among foreign institutions, stocks that receive supply and demand tend to do well.

good to note

As 1Q earnings turned around, it seems to continue to show good results.


While the price is moderately flat, the trading volume is bursting.

That's not a bad sign.

It is light with a market cap of 500 billion won.

Supply was also good.

The performance is also steadily coming out, so it's a good stock for power to accumulate.

After a long time, how to catch the operator

1. Market cap less than 100 billion won

2. Materials that can achieve steady performance or turnaround

3. Moderate Consolidation and Trading Volume Accumulation

If you know this level, it is easy to shoot once or twice.

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