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Daily Chirash (Korea Mcnulty, DR Tech, Samyoung Science) + Lee Jun-seok Related stocks: . . . . . . . . . . . [0]

Korea Mcnulty

It is a stock related to the bidding for the sale of eBay Korea.

In fact, it is not directly related, but it is considered as the best partner of eBay Korea.

Therefore, it shows an upward trend when the issue of selling on eBay comes out.

It shows a recent upward trend. The 3rd rising wave is coming out, so it seems like it will be over if I float it one last time.

The market cap is 120 billion won. The stock price is high and the fluctuation is small

DR Tech

Recently, it has shown a good upward trend and the trading volume is exploding, so support seems to be strong.

The big drop doesn't seem easy.

Market cap is 90 billion won

It was also a stock that has been on a steady decline since its listing.

Recently, after being robbed by a foreigner, it has been steadily accumulating again.

As it is the best turnaround stock in the performance analysis, it is receiving a little more attention.

Now, we expect it to gradually recover to about 70-80% of the initial listing price.

Sam Youngha

I shot it once and it came down about half way.

Market cap is about 110 billion won

Lee Jun-seok is a related shareholder.

Lee Jun-seok is currently creating a storm in the opposition and is raising him to the next-generation presidential election.

Defeating Ahn Cheol-soo is a huge growth

They are grouped as related stocks because the CEO of Samyoung Sciences graduated from Harvard.

Incorporated into Lee Jun-seok-related stocks along with Sambo Industries and NextI

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