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Daily Chirashi (Cherry Buro, Aptamer Science, Son Goku)[1]

cherry burro

On the chart, it's not very positive. However, support is rising and the trend is gradually changing.

It's chicken related.

It seems to show a rise in these issues here.

Cherry Buro shows a good side once in a while when there is a bird flu issue.

Aptamer Science

Except for a slight burst of trading volume, the downward trend is not good.

It seems to be floating around once with notes related to Lee Jun-seok and Yoon Seok-yeol.

There are also these issues.

Son Ogong

After the chart surges once, it all goes out and then it is flat at the normal price.

In this case, there may be further declines, but the uptrend remains and it is more likely to show up again.

Recently, China's issue of abolition of birth control has not made much of a rise, so we are expecting strength.

It is also considered a stock related to Disney Plus.

Other news

There is an issue with the US tapering, so it looks like the US market is off to a good start.

This could have a negative impact on Korea as well.

Tapering-related stocks include financial stocks such as KB Financial Group, commodities-related stocks POSCO, and economic-sensitive stocks HMM.

It will be interesting to see what Fed Chairman Powell will make today.

Chesis, Eagle Bet: Bird flu

Raon Secure: Blockchain fostering and investment by the Ministry of Science and Technology

Genetics: Apple Supplier

BNC Korea: Plan to apply for emergency use of COVID-19 treatment FDA

Withers Pharmaceuticals: Securing mRNA vaccine development technology

Ilshin Stone: Issues related to the acquisition of Pyeongchang Resort

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